滾動落海 - 沙灘輪椅租用計劃 Wheel To Beach - Beach Wheelchair Rental Program
滾動力量將於2020年7-9月舉辦「滾動落海 - 沙灘輪椅租用計劃」,讓輪椅使用者、親朋好友一起享受海灘 Summer Fun,歡迎有興趣團體及機構參加!

日期及時段:由7月18日至9月27日,可選擇日期及時段,我們會盡力配合。建議活動時間為3-5小時 (以參與的輪椅使用者人數作考慮,詳情可與我們聯絡,以便作出最適合貴機構的安排)


費用:如租用 2 輛沙灘輪椅 - 港幣$2750;3 輛沙灘輪椅 - 港幣$3250

查詢請電郵至 project@wheelpowerchallenge.org

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* 每輛沙灘輪椅必須由至少3位同行者同時操作,同行者須有能力自如地協助使用者移動及控制輪椅。請團體/機構安排工作人員或義工參與,輪椅使用者亦可邀請親友參加。(例子:如該活動有2名輪椅使用者參加,需要邀請至少6名同行者。) 我們建議多安排1位同行者協助看顧個人物品,包括輪椅使用者的輪椅。請於報名表標明每位輪椅使用者有多少位同行者出席;如沒有足夠同行者,我們會嘗試安排義工幫忙。
* 每份報名表只包括1位輪椅使用者和3-4名同行者,請每位輪椅使用者各填一份報名表。
* 活動費用包括:安全訓練、救生衣、沙灘輪椅租借及運送、團體人身意外保險費。如需淋浴椅,請於報名時預先通知,我們會預備一部普通手推輪椅在淋浴間使用。
* 活動費用不包括:參加者的交通費、膳食、其他個人用品及開支。
* 為了讓參加者在疫情下能安心享樂,滾動力量會實行以下措施:每次使用後都會消毒沙灘輪椅、活動前一日參加者需填寫及遞交健康申報表、活動開始前需接受體溫檢測 (體溫不可超過37度)、活動前14日曾離港人士不可參加。
* 如有參加者因體溫超過37度或活動前14日曾離港而不能參與,或使人數不足而影響活動進行,滾動力量將不會退款。
* 如有任何暴雨或雷暴警告訊號、或三號或以上颱風訊號在活動開始前三小時懸掛,活動須延期舉行。團體/機構及滾動力量將協調另一時段進行活動。
* 滾動力量保留取錄參加者及活動安排之最終決定權。

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Wheel Power Challenge will organize "Wheel to Beach - Beach Wheelchair Rental Program" in July-September 2020. Wheelchair users can enjoy summer fun on the beach with families and friends, welcome all groups and organizations to join us!

Date & time: From 18 July to 27 September, you can pick the preferred date and time, we will do our best to accommodate. Recommended duration for an event will be about 3-5 hours (number of participating wheelchair users will be the factor to determine the duration, please contact us for details to make the best arrangement for your group/organization)

Location: Repulse Bay

Fee: 2 beach wheelchairs - HK$2750; 3 beach wheelchairs - HK$3250

Please fill in the enrollment form on or before 31 July, we will get in touch with you asap. Thank you for your support!
For enquiry: project@wheelpowerchallenge.org
For more details: https://wheelpowerchallenge.org/latest-wheel-to-beach/

* Each wheelchair user must be accompanied by at least 3 companions while using the beach wheelchair, companions must be able to assist wheelchair user to move and control the wheelchair. Please invite family and friends to join, group/organization can also arrange staff or volunteers to participate. (Example: if 2 wheelchair users enrolled in the same event, they have to invite at least 6 companions to join) You are advised to have 1 more companion to help look after your belongings (including wheelchair user's own wheelchair). Please let us know how many companions will attend with each wheelchair user in the enrollment form. If there are not enough companions, we will try to arrange volunteers with advance notice.
* Each enrollment form can only accommodate 1 wheelchair user along with 3-4 companions, please fill in one enrollment form for each wheelchair user.
* The fee includes: Safety training, life jackets, beach wheelchair rental and transport, group personal accident insurance. If you need a shower wheelchair, please inform us in advance when you enroll, we will prepare a standard hand-push wheelchair.
* The fee does NOT include: Transportation expense, meals and other personal items for the participants.
* The following measures will be taken in response to COVID-19: Beach wheelchairs will be sanitized after use, health declaration forms have to be filled and submitted by participants a day before the event, temperature of every participant will be measured before the event starts (body temperature cannot exceed 37 degrees), people who have been abroad in the past 14 days before the event cannot participate.
* There will be no refund if any people cannot participate due to body temperature exceeding 37 degrees or being abroad in the past 14 days before the event, or the event is affected by the short of participants.
* If there are any rainstorm or thunderstorm signals, or typhoon signal No.3 or above in place 3 hours before the start of the event, the event will be postponed. We will coordinate with the group/organization for another date & time for the event.
* Wheel Power Charity Limited reserves the right of final acceptance of enrollment and to change the event details.
輪椅使用者名稱 Name of wheelchair user *
聯絡人名稱 (如跟輪椅使用者不是同一人) Name of contact person (If not the same person as wheelchair user)
聯絡電郵 Contact email *
聯絡電話 Contact number *
團體或機構名稱 (如有) Name of group/organization (if any)
想於何時舉行活動?請依喜好列明 3 組日期及時段 When do you prefer to attend the event? Please list 3 preferred dates and times
1. 最想舉行活動的日期、時段 The most preferred date and time for the event (例子 Example: 13/8 10:00-13:00) *
2. 第二最想舉行活動的日期、時段 The second most preferred date and time for the event (例子 Example: 13/8 10:00-13:00) *
3. 第三最想舉行活動的日期、時段 The third most preferred date and time for the event (例子 Example: 13/8 10:00-13:00) *
輪椅使用者年齡 (注意:必須年滿18歲) Age of wheelchair user (Note: Must be 18 years old or above) *
輪椅使用者動作功能分類 / 大肌動作功能分類系統 (注意:必須能夠自行獨立或在他人輔助下,由自己輪椅轉換到沙灘輪椅坐下,並維持平衡地坐,並同時不需要機器協助,例如:吊機) Physical Ability Status of wheelchair users / GMFCS (Note: Must be able to switch from your own wheelchair to a beach wheelchair independently or with mild assistance with good sitting balance, not in need of any machine assistance, e.g. hoist) *
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預計同行者人數 (注意:同行者必須年滿18歲;如沒有同行者,請填「0」) Estimated number of companions (Note: Companions must be 18 years old or above; if no companion, please fill in "0") *
歡迎填寫任何意見或問題 Welcome any other comments or questions
透過提交表格,你確認你已閱讀、理解並同意以上的「注意事項」By submitting the form, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed the "Notes" above.
此表格所收集得關於你的資料只作「滾動力量」活動聯絡及安排之用,我們不會未經你的同意向其他方面披露你的資料。The information collected on this form will only be used for communication and arrangement of Wheel Power Charity Limited's events, we will not disclose your information to other parties without your consent.
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