(Ages 18 and up to 150) Petition to bring back "face to face" communication....

Just a few benefits by coming to a virtual meeting or in person land based club: Confidence, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Friends, evaluation tips, Impromptu tips, LIVE AUDIENCE practice, mentor, be inspired, contests, TLI, Toastmasters Leadership Institute TWICE a year, district conferences, the world champion big show and soooo much more!


For 1 and 1/2 hours or JUST 90 minutes each week ...... I petition ALL electronic communication in my life....You?

I will communicate through http://www.WestBocaToastmasters.Org OR online at http://www.CompetitiveCommunicators.com at LEAST once a week.
I will unplug from my phone for 90 minutes a week minimum. DEAL? LOL! Seriously!
(Live TOO FAR or can't leave the house because of caregiving, or other reason)

(When you attend a club meeting, you will receive all instructions, mentorship, and ideas to bring back your FACE TO FACE skills....for LIFE....mingle and make friends while growing...)

Club meetings .....I do so under your witness by signing this petition below....

The results in my community will be EXTRAORDINARY......

See you for 52 weeks EVERY week. (Highly recommended NOT to miss a week!) BUT, attending 1/2 the year is HUGE help to you too!!!!

We are glad you found this PETITION as exciting as we do!!!


Get ready to speak and be excited too!!! http://www.WestBocaToastmasters.Org http://www.competitiveCommunicators.com

Future Toastmaster and Toastmaster....... http://www.WestBocaToastmasters.Org http://www.competitiveCommunicators.com

PS Call Paul ACG ALB at 866-443-0873 for more information or this petition below....
http://www.WestBocaToastmasters.Org http://www.competitiveCommunicators.com

http://www.WellSpokenBocan.com <-WATCH THIS!

Do you agree electronic communication is taking over the world? http://www.WestBocaToastmasters.Org http://www.competitiveCommunicators.com
Do you agree 52 weeks of "face to face" communication leaving your electronic communication in the temporary OFF POSITION for 1 meeting a week? http://www.WestBocaToastmasters.Org http://www.competitiveCommunicators.com
Give out this site to more friends http://www.GiveSpeeches.com Will you give this challenge to a friend or business colleague or college student? Say yes or yes! http://www.WestBocaToastmasters.Org http://www.competitiveCommunicators.com
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