Combined LSAT/PTO Nomination & Interest Form
Parents, teachers, and staff: Thank you for your interest in a leadership position at Miner Elementary School! You can use this online form or the paper form to submit your nominations or self-nomination.

Detailed information about the LSAT and PTO positions can be found here:, including a link to download our full election information packet.

If you have questions about the PTO, LSAT, or the nomination/election process, please email the PTO at or reach out to any PTO representative.

Part 1: Your information
Your name: *
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If you're a parent, what is your student(s) grade(s)?
If you're a teacher or staff, what is your grade/subject/position?
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Part 2: Elected Positions
The below positions are elected via paper ballot (secret). Please check all positions for which you have an interest. Parents may run for LSAT and any PTO role simultaneously. You do not need to be a member of the PTO to run for LSAT Parent Representative.

Descriptions of the positions can be found here:

LSAT Positions:
PTO Officers:
Part 3: Volunteer (Unelected) Positions
The below positions are not elected and will not be on the ballot. Committee membership is open to any volunteer. At the June 5, 2018 PTO General Meeting we will determine committee members from the pool of interested volunteers. Please check all positions in which you have an interest.

Descriptions of the positions can be found here:

PTO Committees
Part 4: Ballot Statement
Tell us a little about why you’d like to serve (for elected positions, this will be included as part of the ballot):
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Part 5: Feedback
Do you have any questions, or would like to provide any feedback?
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