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If you read or collect comic books and don't want to miss your favorite title or upcoming issue please set up a pull list with us. If you have items on your pull list by the Friday before FOC (Final Order Cutoff) and it isn't a quantity or incentive variant we can typically guarantee you can get it!

Additionally, pull lists help the store order the right amount of comics by helping us know what people want and are interested in.  Thank you for helping!
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What to Watch Out For! (This help us find items you want that you didn't even know existed - so put your favorite comic writer or artist if you want their new stuff; put your favorite character(s); put your favorite game or movie franchise(s) in case they make comics in that universe.)
Thank you for setting up a Blue Ox Comic Pull List!
Blue Ox Games will processes your orders and pull orders in a timely manner, however customers are also responsible for picking their orders up in a timely manner. This also includes regularly "clearing out" (i.e. purchasing everything) in a customer's comic pull list/pull box. Items ordered but not picked up within 30 days will be considered a lost item and will be discarded after an additional 30 day period has passed. Pull lists/pull boxes not cleared out every 30 days run the risk of being cancelled. If a pull list is cancelled any store credit on the customer's account and/or store rewards points will go towards payment for the pull list/pull box starting typically with the oldest items first. The remaining unpaid items will be added back into the store's inventory. Customers who have their pull list/pull box cancelled may have it reinstated but Blue Ox Games will require a card on file to cover their weekly pulls.
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