ARAR PDXCW 2019 Professional Development Grant Sponsored by Campari
There’s always more to do, more to learn and more fun to be had. Another Round Another Rally is here to help with all of it. We are a nonprofit that is a financial resource for the hospitality industry.
We provide scholarships and tuition reimbursement to underrepresented people in the community with the goal of developing leaders who create innovative, dynamic workplaces where equity and inclusion allow marginalized populations the space to advance and thrive.
And when you struggle, we are here to help with that too. We supply emergency assistance to people employed in restaurants, bars, and hotels on an as needed basis for any potential emergency that may arise.

We are excited that you are taking advantage of the amazing educational opportunities at PDXCW! Because of Campari’s generosity we are choosing a few lucky people to receive reimbursements for their travel and lodging. Fill out the info below to enter!
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