You helped us narrow down names for a Facebook page that will help direct people to find Bibles in thousands of languages to share with others.
Now we are down to the final selection, and we need your valuable help again. We would like you to select your favorite ones from the list of names that you suggested. Keeping in mind we are looking for a good, easily searchable name on Facebook that will point English speakers to a place to find, share, and promote the Bible in other languages. We hope it will be a place to connect and share stories with those who are showing God's love to others by sharing Scriptures with them.
Row 1 is your favorite choice, the one you like best!!! Then row 2 for the second-best, so on for 3 & 4 and row 5 is your least favorite. *
Find the Bible.
Share the Bible for free.
Find free Bibles in other languages.
Find & Share the Bible.
Where to find a Bible.
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
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