New City Arts Forum 2014 Scholarship Application
This attendee price ($149) is already subsidized, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. It includes three meals, in addition to all sessions, exhibits and performances. However, a limited number of attendance is available at a reduced cost if you are a student, artist, or in need of assistance.

Before completing this application, consider additional ways that you might find full, matching, or partial funding for your participation.

Can you ask for your Forum Registration as a holiday or birthday gift from someone? Do you know of any potential individuals or organizations who might want to sponsor your attendance at this event? Feel free to elaborate on answers to these questions, if applicable, in response to question #9.
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2. Age Range *
3. Valid Email *
4. Phone Number (xxx) xxx-xxxx *
5. Why do you want to attend the New City Arts Forum? *
6. Where do you work, or where are you enrolled? *
7. Did you attend the 2012 New City Arts Forum? *
8. How did you hear about The 2014 Forum? *
9. How much financial assistance do you need? *
We have very few full scholarships available, but we can offer discounts for those in need. Consider what you can pay, and we will try to get you here.
10. Did an organization or person refer you to this application? If yes, who?
11. Is there anything else we should know?
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