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The FTFM name and image may be reproduced on fliers, stationery, web videos, still images,  and/or photography at the discretion of the appropriate member of the FTFM Presidents’ Roundtable. All digital items bearing the FTFM name and image are automatically licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license; thus all items bearing the FTFM name and/or insignia are Open Access, and may be used by FTFM and its communities for promotion via blog, web video, or other material.
Non Compete Agreement *
The FTFM Riding Association has entered into agreements with certain fulfillment companies with respect to the management of image and merchandising.  For this reason, no FTFM Member may reproduce the FTFM image on any apparel, accessories, or web media without written permission of the copyright holder.  Fulfillment agreements will be in effect until a new formal agreement is reached by the FTFM copyright holder. Members who own businesses or possess skills that might be utilized by FTFM should bring a partnership proposal to the Founder/Facilitator, who will then bring the proposal to the Presidents’ Roundtable, for vendor considerations. No Member may attempt to copyright, trademark, or otherwise claim ownership of the FTFM name and image, nor shall any FTFM Member use documents, contacts, or other FTFM properties (physical, digital, intellectual, or otherwise) in order to directly compete with the FTFM Riding Association.
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Membership with the Full Throttle Full Mag Riding Association is voluntary.  As such, FTFM shall not be held responsible for any acts of God, negligence, Members, or other motorists, that result in injury or death.
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