2019 DC State Fair Contest Entry Form
We are excited you plan to join us as we celebrate our tenth year showcasing the agricultural, culinary and artistic pursuits of the District of Columbia and its residents.

In this guide you will find the rules and regulations for this year’s contests. Our contests for kids and adults highlight the agricultural, artistic, culinary, and even athletic talents of the District of Columbia.

This year, the fair will be hosted at DC Gateway at St. Elizabeth’s East at 2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE, on September 8, 2019, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Contest entries will be judged on site at the dates and times listed in each individual category. Please take note of the specifics for your contest, as some entries will be judged the day before the fair.

Awards are listed with each possible contest. Ribbons will be awarded at the judges’ discretion and all levels are not guaranteed to be awarded for each category or contest. We encourage creativity with your entry names, recipe titles, and even design (think DC pride).

1. All contests that require sign-up, except for Best Bud, Best Homebrew, Best Cider, and Best Wine, are open to DC residents of all ages.

2. Entry forms MUST BE submitted by midnight on Wednesday, September 4. Due to logistical constraints, registration for an individual contest will close early if 50 entries are registered before the deadline. If there are three or fewer entries in any one category, categories may be combined or canceled at the discretion of the Contest Committee.

3. Every entry must be registered with an individual entry form prior to the September 4 deadline. Multiple entries will not be accepted on one form.

4. Unless otherwise stated, entries become the property of the DC State Fair and will be made available for viewing or tasting at the Fair by attendees.

5. DC State Fair officials are not responsible for lost items, so please bring entries in disposable (preferably recyclable or compostable) containers. Any non-disposable containers will be available for claiming at the Fair, then donated or disposed of at the close of the event.

6. Entrants cannot judge the contest or subcategories in which they enter but may judge other contests.

7. All judges’ decisions are final. There will be no appeals.

Thank you for entering and good luck!

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