2017 Relay For Life Team Campsite Registration Form

Campsite Registration form for the July 15 & 16 Relay Weekend

*** Only Team Captains are to complete the form ***

The 2017 theme is: Passport To Hope. Builders will create their own interpretation of this years theme with full creative license, but remaining within the guidelines * We ask that you keep in mind the intent of this year’s theme however.

As you all know, this year's theme is Passport To Hope. The word “passport” has a couple meanings… it can be a legal document from a country to allow you entry, but taking that definition alone would bring our Passport to Hope theme on a very narrow path. This year, I would like you to also think of the other definition of Passport….

a : a permission or authorization to go somewhere b : something that secures admission, acceptance, or attainment <education as a passport to hope> <research as a passport to hope> <support as a passport to hope> etc.

This opens another world of possibilities for our creative minds in Second Life and changes the meaning of Passport To Hope.

Take time to contemplate ..what does HOPE mean to you?

* Campsite Guidelines were included with the Campsite Registration Notice.
You may get a copy from any of these sources:
The notecard named... 2017 RFL of SL TEAM CAMPSITE REGISTRATION
The notecard named... 2017 Relay Weekend Team Campsite Build Guidelines
The notice section of the Relay For Life Volunteer Group - looking for the notice... 2017 TEAM CAMPSITE REGISTRATION
By asking your team adviser
By going to the Relay Information Center on American Cancer Society sim.

Please refer to the guidelines prior to building your campsite.

Please answer all questions in the registration form.

As we have mentioned a few times over the season, a Standard Campsite costs $80 US / site. We therefore, ask teams who are requesting a standard campsite be at the Rising Star level and up, to at least cover the cost of their campsite. Otherwise, we are taking funds from other teams fundraising efforts to cover the costs of your site and losing valuable fundraising dollars. We are only asking a team to raise a minimum of $25 / month March - June to reach Rising Star. We feel this is a fair and obtainable amount for fundraisers.

We are fundraisers for the American Cancer Society and,as we are sure you will agree, need to do our due diligence to keep our costs as low as possible to ensure as much of your fundraising dollars goes to the Society. Campsites will first be assigned to the Rising Star and above teams on June 15 and we will then reassess campsite requests on an case by case basis.

There is a "NOTES / SPECIAL REQUESTS TO EVENT DESIGN " box, at the end of the form, where you can enter campsite-specific statements to Event Design. For example, "Please place us near Team Joe as we do joint fundraising with them. "Please put us near ABC team as they are our family / close friends." Those types of requests or messages....not questions. (We will not be able to answer questions submitted through this form). If you have questions regarding the campsite or special requests, please first direct them through your Team Adviser who will be pleased to find the answer for you.

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