GC-SAGE Campus GT Fundraiser Request
SAGE encourages Campus Representatives to rally the community at their campuses to support their gifted educators, students, and families.

This form is for SAGE Campus Representatives to request SAGE's assistance in raising funds for specific gifted-related activities and materials at their campus.

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The contact person for a campus fundraising effort is the SAGE Campus Representative. Please submit this request well in advance of your need, so our volunteer Board has time to review it and ask questions.

Funds will be raised only for items specifically related to activities for gifted students at your school, and that are not covered by the school’s budget or PTA.

Funds raised by a Campus in a school year should be spent by the last day of that school year, or earmarked for spending within the next school year. Funds not spent or earmarked will be returned to the SAGE general fund on the last day of the school year.

Dividing the funds raised:
- 80% of the funds raised will go toward item(s) purchased for the Campus
- 20% of the funds raised will go back to the SAGE general fund and spent on SAGE's organizational goals of supporting and advocating for gifted education throughout our district and area.

- Items purchased will belong to the Campus
- Donations to SAGE are tax-deductible
- The SAGE online store can track donations
- SAGE can purchase items tax-free
- SAGE will promote your fundraiser to the entire GT community

In addition to Campus Fundraisers, SAGE offers grants for classroom materials and teacher training; an educator may apply for a SAGE grant separately at http://gc-sage.org.

The decision to approve and/or cancel a fundraiser is up to the discretion of the SAGE Executive Board.

Email questions to: info.gcsage@gmail.com

Purpose of Fundraiser
Describe the item(s) you plan to purchase with the funds you raise. Provide a full description with links, if possible.
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Fundraiser Goal: $ Amount
Please state how much you are needing to fundraise to cover the purchase of the item(s)
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Give additional details and specific ideas for your fundraiser.
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Fundraiser Contacts
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Educator's Title / Grade Level / Subject (etc)
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Principal's Name and Email Address
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Both the Educator and Principal listed above have approved this fundraiser idea. *
I agree to the fundraiser guidelines stated above, and understand that my Campus keeps 80% and SAGE keeps 20% of funds raised. *
Indicate your agreement to to communicate how the fundraising money was spent to SAGE teachers and parents. *
Check the items you would consider doing — or you are invited to think of another creative way to share about your experience:
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