Pickens County HFH Construction Volunteer Skill Survey
Please answer the following skills survey questions. This information will be used by the Pickens County Habitat for Humanity Construction Committee to insure that we take full advantage of your skills and interests.
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How did you learn about Habitat?
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When are you available to volunteer?
Typically, what day(s) of the week are best suited for you to volunteer with Habitat?
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How often might you volunteer?
Typically, how often might you volunteer...1 day per week....2 days per week....1 day every 2 weeks...etc
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Please RATE YOURSELF in each of the following areas-
Framing and Rough Carpentry
Door and Window Installation
Aluminum Gutter Installation
Drywall Installation
(Hanging drywall only. We do not do our own drywall FINISHING)
Interior Trim & Finish Carpentry
Work Crew Supervision
Lead and supervise a work crew of 5-10 volunteers
Installing roof decking, felt paper, and shingles
Vinyl Siding Installation
Porch and Deck Installation
Posts, structure, decking, steps, railing, etc
Cabinet Installation
Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
Predominantly INTERIOR walls, ceilings and trim
Flooring Installation
vinyl, tile, laminate, etc.
LEADERSHIP of home construction activities
Seeding, shrubs, etc
Any special construction skills/talents?
Licensed electrician/plumber? drafting skills? engineering? etc?
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Other comments are always welcome!
Please be assured that ALL of your information will be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality
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