Kuisioner DDM 2020
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9 Point
Classroom and lab cleanliness, neatness of the chairs, whiteboard and floor cleanliness (Office Boy) *
Supporting facilities for learning processes in the classroom and laboratory (Computers, Wi-Fi, AC, etc.) *
Facilities to support the learning process (toilets, gazebos, marble tables, and chairs) *
Availability of activity control forms and absences before lectures start (Admin) *
Classrooms have been opened before the course begins *
Easiness in managing permits, such as permits of illness, alpha, and letter of complaint (Admin) *
Cleanliness of supporting facilities for learning facilities (toilet paper, toilet, canteen table, and chairs) *
Facilities and cleanliness of worship places (musholla) *
Availability of facilities in participating in the competition, both on campus and outside the campus *
5 point
Transparency of quiz/exam results *
Availability of books/modules/dictates for each subject *
The administrative services of a study program *
Academic Guidance Lecturer/Dosen Pembina Akademik (DPA) is effective in helping student consultation *
The learning process is in accordance with the Information Technology Department curriculum *
3 Point
Punctuality lecturers in filling lectures *
Suitability of the course with the learning process *
The atmosphere of the learning process *
7 Point
Lecturers communicate well with all students *
Attention to all students regardless of status *
Lecturer's concern for students *
Lecturers behave is professional *
Lecturers ensure students understand the material that has been explained *
The lecturer teaches according to the lecture contract *
Compliance with the material provided *
3 Point
Socialization of online seminar activities both on campus and outside campus that relate in dealing with Industry 4.0 *
Online seminars are held by the Information Technology Department to improve students' creativity and abilities *
Scholarship socialization and competition from the Information Technology Department *
5 Point
Teaching and learning process carried out by lecturers *
Lecturers ensure students understand the material presented online *
Lecturers are on time and on target according to the material presented *
Connections while studying online, and the standard applications that used during online lectures in accordance with student standards *
The lecturers has do maximally in delivering material *
2 Point
The Study Program/Department has been well proactive in organizing online lectures and stages of the Final Report as well as online thesis *
Services of Study Programs / Department have been maximized during the pandemic *
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