Summer Gathering 2020 Registration
You have found the form to register for the 2020 EMEYF Summer Gathering.
We're so glad that you're thinking of coming!

Please register before:
--> 6th June 2020

Gathering dates:
--> 18th to 25th July 2020

Before signing up, please read the official invitation for more information about the event:

The data on these application forms is only visible to the planning committee and not used after or outside the gathering.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at
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You can either bring your own linen or rent linen for 10€ from the venue. *
Linen means a sheet for matress, blanket and pillow case, sleeping bag is not enough.
More about YOU
The following questions are intended to help us make sure everyone has a good time.
Do you have any dietary requirements?
EMEYF gatherings are usually vegetarian, with flexibility where needed.
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Which languages do you speak?
Please indicate how well you speak each language from 1 = very good to 5 = very basic
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Will you be bringing children with you?
If so: how many, what are their names and do they have dietary requirements?
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Do you have any sleep habits we should know about (to help us assign rooms in the best way possible)?
For example, do you like to get up early? Stay up late? Do you snore or sleep walk? Are you a heavy or a light sleeper?
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Do you have any medical conditions/allergies/special requirements which we need to know about?
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We will have a session with workshops offered by participants. Are you able and willing to offer a workshop?
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There is no fixed fee for this gathering: we are asking participants to contribute to the cost of the gathering as generously as you feel comfortable with. An explanation and suggestion on how much you can contribute can be found at

Please pay via bank transfer at the time of registration.

If you are paying in Euros, please make the transfer to:
IBAN: BE84 2100 5595 0359

If you are paying in Pounds, please make the transfer to:
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65132612
How much is your choosen gathering contribution? *
Please enter amount and currency, you can pay in Euro or British Pound.
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Do you want more information on travel bursaries?
EMEYF has funds available for bursaries to support you with the travel costs. No one should be prevented from attending for financial reasons. There are also sustainable travel bursaries if you want to choose a more sustainable (i.e. non-flying) mode of travel even though it is more expensive.
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