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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Letters to Strangers partner site! First, visit to learn more about what a partner site does, and then fill out this form to join our #mentalhealthmatters mission!
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Please rank in order from MOST IMPORTANT to your location to LEAST VALUABLE to your location the following services that L2S provides below: *
Your five options are: letter exchanges with L2S chapters and other partner sites; therapy/mental health-related info sessions from health worker volunteers; mental health workshops/peer events administered by chapter volunteers; funds for mental health services you already have but need help continuing; pro-mental health legislation to be passed in your government
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All partner site founders must read and agree to the Partner Site Starter Kit, including the Partner Site Founder Agreement, and, if applicable, Model Release (we will need your members' model releases later, when you share pictures of chapter activities with us, but that is a negotiable later step). All documents can be found at the link in the description of this question. Please either print, sign, scan, and email your copy of the Partner Site Founder Agreement and, preferably, also the Model Release, to OR download, sign electronically, and email your copy of these documents to (with the latter option, you agree that your electronic signature represents your real-life signature and agreement). Please check below each document you've sent over. *
Link to all documents: // Please send your documents using the same email that you put under "your email" previously on this form, so we can make sure we receive everything // Note that we cannot grant you chapter eligibility until we have received the Partner Site Founder Agreement and, preferably, also the model release--completed.
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