HMC Social Media Services Survey
Following the lively discussion at the AGM, the Committee has launched a review of our current and future social media presence (e.g. website, forum, Facebook, etc.). Please take a few moments to complete and submit this survey which will be used to evaluate our presence and to devise a social media strategy for the coming months/ years.
Where the option "other" is provided, this is for you to provide ADDITIONAL information to explain your answer.

All responses are anonymous. Only one submission per club member but their family members may also respond if they have had dealing with the club on social media.

If you do not wish to use the electronic version then hard copies can be obtained from the Committee members.

Deadline for submission is Sunday 18th February 2018.

1. How often have you accessed the club website in the last 12 months? *
2. How often have you accessed the club forum in the last 12 months? *
3. How often have you accessed the club Facebook page in the last 12 months? *
4. Do you know the club website address by heart? *
5. In conversations, do you direct potential new members to our website? *
6. Thinking of the current website, what do you think its main purpose is? (Tick all that apply) *
7. Thinking to the future, what purpose should the club site have? (Tick all that apply) *
8. Creating, maintaining and running a website/ forum is not free. What do you feel is a reasonable annual amount to spend on the website to achieve the purpose you declared in question 7? *
9. Should we be attracting new members to the club? *
10. If you answered "Yes" to question 9, what age groups should we be prioritising with the website/ social media? (Tick up to 2 answers) *
11. With regards to the future purpose of the club website, in addition, which social media platforms should we be on? (Tick all that apply) *
12. Would you like an area of the website to be for members only? This could be used as a forum, private messaging, sharing photos, etc. *
13. If you access the website/ forum, what is your main access method?
14. If you can think of another website that you’d like the club site to be similar to, then please enter the address below so the team can take a look:
Your answer
15. Would you find it useful to be able to switch between the website and forum without having to leave the website and login again? *
16. Would you find it beneficial to be able to share pictures, routes (including GPS files), with other members via the website/ forum? *
17. If it was possible to synchronise certain website posts with other social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, would you think: *
18. Would you like to book and/ or pay for club services via the club site, e.g. book places on meets (similar to Meetup), see if meets are full, pay for meets/ annual subscriptions? (Tick all that apply) *
19. Optional technical question: If you/ someone you know has experience running a website, would you recommend the hosting service used? If so, enter details below including indicative costs if possible:
Your answer
20. If you would like to add any other information or comments, please do so below:
Your answer
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