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Fill out the form below to apply to Imagine U, a family child care mentorship program that will support you on your path to becoming a licensed child care provider! The program is designed exclusively for individuals who are committed to opening their own family child care business.  
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All family members will need to complete a portable background check with DCYF upon applying for your license. Will everyone in your household pass a background check?/Todos los miembros de la familia deberán completar una verificación de antecedentes portátil con DCYF al solicitar su licencia. ¿Todos en su hogar pasarán una verificación de antecedentes?
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Licensing rules now state that licensed child care providers will need to complete the ECE Initial Certificate (12 credits) by August 2024 and the ECE Short Certificate (8 credits) within two years of completing the Initial Certificate. The Imagine Institute offers supportive pathways to meeting educational requirements for licensed providers that are generally free of charge and designed specifically for licensed family child care providers. Are you committed to completing these college courses, either with the Imagine Institute or through traditional college pathways? *
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