Evolution Knowledge Survey
VERY IMPORTANT: Please indicate whether each following statement is true or false, in terms of how you think biologists use and understand the term "evolution" today. YOU do NOT have to AGREE with the statement for it to be "true". Your answers will be confidential, and will not affect your grade. In every case below, "evolution" means "biological evolution".
On your answer sheet, select TRUE (to Biologists), or FALSE (to Biologists).
1. Evolution is a process that includes the origin of life. *
2. Evolution is mainly concerned with the origin of humans. *
3. The process we call "evolution" was first introduced and explained by Charles Darwin. *
4. Evolution is the same as "natural selection." *
5. Evolution simply means "change." *
6. There is as much evidence for evolution as there is for our planets orbiting the sun. *
7. When we say evolution is a theory, we mean it's a real process, totally supported by all the evidence *
8. According to evolution, people came from monkeys a long time ago. *
9. Evolution is a process that has happened in the past and is still happening today. *
10. We have many fossil sequences showing that new groups of animals evolved from earlier groups. *
11. A single organism can evolve. *
12. Evolution is a totally random process. *
13. Evolution is like a chain. Each group of creatures evolves in the next "link" in the chain. *
14. The fossil record gives us a lot of excellent evidence of evolution. *
15. Evolution means that a single organism can change in order to adapt to its environment. *
16. When a species gradually changes into a new species over many generations, we call that "evolution." *
17. All research in biology assumes that evolution is real. *
18. Evolution has been tested and challenged many times, but has always been strengthened by the results (data). *
19. The formation of complex structures, like the eye, can now be easily explained by evolution. *
20. Evolution is something a person should either believe in, or not believe in. *
21. Evolution was used to explain the many observations of life that did not fit common beliefs. *
22. Big dinosaurs were never seen by early humans. *
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