A 30 Week Training for Transitional Churches

We meet leaders regularly who are experiencing a personal theological and missiological transition in their own souls. But they find themselves challenged in how to help their church make the same transition. They don't want to blow up their church, they want to find a way to re-mission it. We've gathered genuine practitioners who have experienced the hard work of Re-Missioning their established church. If you are looking for training and guidance for this journey, our 30-week cohort might be a good fit for you. It costs $1995. It includes a weekly training, a weekly coaching call, an onsite intensive in Chicago, IL, and one free session with a Spiritual Director. It will be a rich and rewarding space with other pastors seeking to do the hands-on work of transitioning their church towards local mission.

The Competencies for the Re-Missioning Cohort:  
1. Spirituality of Weakness  
2. Creative Destruction  
3. Cultural Assessment  
4. Identifying the Gaps  
5. The Pruning Process  
6. Traditioned Innovation  
7. Ecclesial Architecture  
8. Creating Shared Experiences  
9. Movemental Discipleship
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