Bike Mechanic School Scholarship
BWW has received a grant from the Wichita Community Foundation to offset the costs of a volunteer to attend bicycle mechanic training courses conducted by the Barnett Bicycle Institute (BBI) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. BWW is seeking applications from individuals to attend that training to be held either October 22 - October 26, 2017 or November 26 - November 30, 2017. For further information about this training, see

1. BWW will pay a scholarship not to exceed $2,892.85 to the recipient of the to attend the BBI Bicycle Assembly and Maintenance and Spoked-Wheel Lacing training, including the cost of training, training manuals, travel and lodging.

2. Recipient is responsible for making all arrangements and completing the training by December 31, 2017. If Recipient fails to register and complete the training by that date, Recipient must agree to return to Bike Walk Wichita any reimbursements previously received by Recipient, unless BWW’s President determines otherwise.
3. Recipient must agree that, upon completing the training, Recipient will devote a minimum of 100 hours to teaching bicycle maintenance to volunteers of BWW’s ReCycle program, including at least 75 hours of classroom time. The actual dates, times, content and other details of the required teaching must necessarily be determined after Recipient’s training is completed and coordinated with other activities of BWW and Recipient’s schedule. Therefore, these will be coordinated with current ReCycle shop leaders and overseen by the BWW Board or their appointed subcommittee.
4. If Recipient does not provide the minimum 100 hours of time, then the Board of BWW may, in its reasonable discretion demand that all or any portion of the funds reimbursed to Recipient be returned and Recipient agrees to return the funds demanded within 30 days of that demand.

BWW is seeking applications for one person to attend this training. To apply, please complete the form as soon as possible. The Board will review applications and contact applicants once a decision is reached.

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Are you available to attend one of the following training sessions?
Are you willing to enter into a binding, written agreement reflecting the terms described above for the Bike Mechanic Training Scholarship?
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As described above, BWW is interested in the recipient of the Scholarship providing maintenance teaching to volunteers of BWW’s ReCycle program, we are interested in any ideas the recipient may have to enhance that training. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on that, please let us know. We realize that you have not yet attended the training and you are not required to complete this question, but it will be taken into account in reviewing the applications.
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