Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program Overview:

The WBL program provides students with the opportunity to develop critical skills necessary for success in the world of work after high school or college graduation.

WBL students have the opportunity to practice, use, and enhance the knowledge they have gained in their pathway of study through:
 Further development of pathway skills on-the-job
 Increasing knowledge of workplace responsibilities
 Learning skills critical to be successful in the workplace

Students can apply during spring semester of their sophomore or junior year during the 2017-18 course registration process.

WBL Program Participation Requirements:
 The student must submit ALL WBL application forms fully completed
 The WBL placement request must be related to the student's career pathway or stated career interest
 The student must be on track for graduation (Counselor verification and sign-off required)
 The student must have no more than 10 days of absences during the previous school year
 The student must have a good Discipline Report
 The student must have parental/guardian consent for participation in the WBL program
 The student must submit 3 teacher recommendations
 The student must provide their own transportation to and from off-campus work-site
 The student must be approved for WBL BEFORE the beginning of the next school year 2017-18.

Please complete the WBL Pre-Application information below to initiate the WBL Program applicationl process. If you have additional questions, please see Ms. Crockett in G121.2A, or email your questions to: CrockettT@fultonschools.org.

More WBL Info @ https://goo.gl/eMxUR1

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