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Event Timing: TBD
Event Address: AQSA Masjid KIC KATY
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This for is being used to determine the needs of the community in regards to the training needed.
Depending on the response and the number of individuals interested we will decide on the training schedule.
This training will be held at the Al Aqsa Masjid in Katy over the next few months. These trainings will continue throughout the year Inshahallah and you will be notified of the dates.
We just finished up with QA training and the IT JOB RECRUITER TRAININGis ongoing by Nayeem Amin (Decca Consulting)Saturday 15th Feb after. zuhr (1 to 3pm))With this training you can be hired as a IT RECRUITER and have the potential to earn in the $50k range and up depending if you are FTE or on your own.
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