MSA Letter & Gift Exchange
Applications will close 10th of March. All applications after this date will be considered for Semester two.

To keep people connected and to increase positive vibes in our community, we have started a letter and gift exchange among students (Staff can get involved too!).

Why is this not a digital exchange?
Because our entire Monash community experience has been moved online, and there is something a little special about receiving a carefully handwritten letter or gift in the mail. We also hope that this will encourage people to go a short walk to their local post box. Please remember to take the correct safety precautions when walking and visiting your postbox or post office.

What do I need to do?
Sign up and we will find you a fellow student/staff member who you must write and/or gift with 1-2 time per week. We will then contact you to find out if you are interested in participating in a holiday season or semester two MSA Letter & Gift Exchange.

What happens next?
After you apply, we will then provide you with the details to connect you with your Pen & Gift Pal. We would like you to start the letter & gift exchange straight away.

Do I need to send a gift, I just want to write a letter and meet others?
You don't need to send gifts if you do not wish to. The application provides the option to either be part of the gift exchange, the letter exchange or both.

What type of gifts are we supposed to give?
We would like to encourage hand made gifts or ideally, something that can fit into a letter envelope, that would cost no more than $1 in postage. This program does not encourage excess spending, it encourages communication, connection and positivity.

I am concerned about receiving mail with the live Covid-19?
Please take the recommended precautions.
We suggest not collecting mail or opening your gift or letter for at least 72 hours.
When we have looked into these issues we have found that the virus can live on:
- cardboard for up to 24 hours
- plastic packaging for as much as 72 hours
- anywhere from copper, around four hours, to stainless steel and plastic, two to three days

Can I send letters or gifts more than 1-2 per week?
We are limiting the exchange to 1- 2 times per week maximum to ensure that the program is not an overwhelming commitment for our participants.

What happens if my Pen & Gift Pal stops sending letters or gifts?
Let us know and we will connect you with someone else.

What happens if I no longer want to participate in the program?
No worries! just let us know so that we can connect your Pen & Gift Pal with someone else.

I would like to be a Pen & Gift Pal to more than one person, is that ok?
That's great! But please only do this if you are able to commit to multiple Pen & Gift Pal until the program closes.
Which program would you like to be part of?
Would you like to be matched with one Pen Gift Pal? Or More?
First Name
Email Address
Mobile Number
How to write your address
Unit or Apartment Number (if applicable) /
Street Number
Post code

For example

7 / 20 Cotton Street
Clayton VIC 3800

OR (if you are not part of a unit of apartment complex)

20 Cotton Street
Clayton VIC 3800
Your postal address (Please include room/apartment number, building number, street, state, postcode)
Student ID
If you are a staff member, please add your staff ID
If you are a staff member, please note:
You will only be paired with another staff member.
There is no need for you to add faculty details below unless you wish to be paired with someone from the faculty you work in.
Student Type
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Student Type
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Course Title
Would you like us to try to match you with someone in your faculty?
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Are you able to send a letter or gift to your L&G Pal 1-2 times per week?
Clear selection
Do you plan to complete one semester as a Letter & Gift Pal, or would you like to be part of the holiday program and/or Semester 2 program?
Have you been part of this program before?
If you have friends or previous pen pals you do not wish to be paired with, let us know by listing their names here:
What part of the program interests you the most?
Would you be interested in helping us implement the program? We are looking for Admin leaders and Promotional Leader.
Clear selection
Any other comments you would like to make?
Thank you for joining the MSA Letter & Gift Exchange. We will contact you shortly after applications close.
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