ABUNDANCE PROGRAM participation application
PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A COMMITMENT. If you change your plans later, that's fine.
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Is your group already Registered for Participation in Dreamline for the 2019-20 year? (If uncertain, you can check the list at info.dreamline.org/participants
In what month or moth do you want your student to remotely create Dream Banners? *
What are the grade levels of your student participants? Check ALL that apply. *
What is the total number of student participants you anticipate? *
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How will you cover the cost for the Abundance Materials Kit? ($60 for a group of 35. Lower for larger groups.) *
The Abundance Program requires at volunteers you identify OR Dreamline staff persons. We recommend 5 volunteers for each group of 35 students. Please indicate how you will provide the volunteers.
Are you interested in learning about contracting Dreamline staff to co-teach Zoom sessions for working with student groups or for providing PD in excess of the required 40 minute session?
We'll be in touch to help you with more info along the way.
If you have any comments our questions, we'd love to hear them.
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