ACE Student Application Fall 2021
IMPORTANT: In-Person/Face-to-Face for K-12 grades. Snack/dinner and transportation will be available. Elementary Operations: M-F 3:30-6:30; Middle and High School Operations: M-F 4:00--7:00 Face masks are required by all students reporting to ACE. The Fall 2021 semester will start from Aug. 30--Dec. 17, 2021. All students must have a complete ACE application in order to participate in ACE. Only students at the following schools may participate: LeNoir, Adame, Rivas, Caceres, Stainke, Ochoa, Guzman, AP Solis, Todd, and Donna High School. For more information, call at 956-464-1771.
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Which school does your child attend? ¿A qué escuela asiste su hijo? *
Name of student. Nombre del alumno. *
Date of Birth (DOB). Fecha de nacimiento. *
Age./Edad. *
Bus number./Numero de autobus. If student will be picked up, indicate "pick up". Si va a pasar por su hijo despues de ACE, indicar "paso por mi hijo".
Student School ID Number. Numbero de identificacion de escuela del alumno.
Grade Level. Nivel. *
Parent/Guardian's Name. Nombre de padre/guardian. *
Physical Address. Domicilio. *
Cell Phone Number. Numero de celular. *
Place of Employment. Lugar de empleo.
Work Phone Number. Telefono de empleo.
Emergency Contact. Contacto de emergencia.
Emergency Phone Number. Numero de telefono de emergencia.
Relationship of contact for emergencies. Relacion del contacto de emergencia.
The following person has my permission to pick up my child. His/her phone number. La siguiente persona puede recojer a mi hijo/hija.
What is the health condition of child? (Glasses,Diabetic, Asthma, Epilepsy, Allergies, Other, or None). Cual es la salud de su hijo/a? (Antiojos, diabetico, asthma, epilesi, alergias, otro, nada).
Daily medications. Medicamentos diarios.
Did your child advanced to next grade level? ¿Su hijo avanzó al siguiente nivel de grado? *
CONSENT TO PHOTOGRAPH, FILM, OR VIDEOTAPE A STUDENT FOR NON-PROFIT USE(E.g. educational, public service, or health awareness purposes) Consentimiento Para Fotografiar y Filmar A Un Estudiante Con Uso Sin Fines De Lucro(ej. educacional, servicio público, o propósito de conciencia de salud) *
Parent/Guardian Signature. Typing your name is equivalent to your signature. Firma de padre/guardian. Teclar su nombre es equivalente a su firma. *
Date/Fecha *
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