USQ Event Sanctioning Application
To learn more about the USQ Event Sanctioning process, please visit this page: This form should be filled out by the event's Tournament Director within one month of the tournament, earlier if financial support is requested. After submitting this form, TD(s) will receive an email to set up an interview with USQ staff. The interview will take 30-60 minutes and consist of reviewing the application and event, going over the event sanctioning program in general, and answering any questions the TD(s) may have. Further questions can be directed to USQ Events Director Mary Kimball at

If financial support is requested, applications must be received by the following dates:
- For events September 15-October 31: August 30. Grants will be awarded starting the week of September 3.
- For events November 1-December 31: September 13. Grants will be awarded starting the week of September 17 .
- For events January 1-February 28: November 15. Grants will be awarded starting the week of November 19.
- For events March 1-April 30: January 17. Grants will be awarded starting the week of January 21.

For best consideration, TDs are encouraged to submit their sanctioning application as early as possible.

Please note that there is limited financial support available for events outside of this time frame, and applicants hosting events between May 1 and September 14 are encouraged to apply at least three months in advance.

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All official events (not just sanctioned events) must be organized by a USQ-certified TD. To learn more about the TD certification process, please click here:
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What is unique about your event from other quidditch tournaments? Why should teams be excited about your particular tournament? Why are you interested in USQ event sanctioning?
Are you requesting financial support for the event? *
If financial support is requested, a full event budget must be submitted along with a statement of need and purpose for the requested funds. Funds are awarded based upon available regional funding, evidence of need, and quality of proposal. If you click yes, you will be taken to another section to submit the required information with the rest of your application.
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