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1. Which animal was this year named by Forbes, the American business magazine/website, as the world’s top pet influencer?
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2. Which of the following world leaders has less “influence”/ is less “influential” – if judged by the number of their social media followers – than the animal this year named by Forbes as the world’s top pet influencer?
3. Which of the following were last year hailed online as “the newest rock stars of Instagram”?
4. Which pug, with some six million Facebook followers, is known as the ‘King of pop culture’?
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5. Which rescued King Charles Spaniel reportedly got married earlier this year while wearing a custom-made designer gown and a $139,000 diamond necklace?
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6. How much money for one paid-for social media post can an animal with at least two million social media followers expect to charge/earn?
7. Which of the following is credited with being the inventor of the cat video?
8. How many hours of cat videos are watched daily on YouTube?
9. Name at least five of the ten animals named by Forbes this year as the web’s top pet influencers. (Note: please supply the name by which they are generally and/or best-known online.)
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10. If you were asked to invent/suggest a new “online name” [i.e. like a stage name or pen name] for a pet to adopt in order to boost its chances of social media stardom, what name would you suggest? (Note: the names that you suggest can either be suitable for a particular species or breed or for an animal of any kind.)
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11. If you were asked to “invent” a pet with the perfect characteristics to become a social media star … what kind/species and/or breed of pet would you choose and with what characteristics? Please answer in no more than 75 words.
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