1:1 Mentorship/Health Program
Please complete this form with due care and vulnerability.
This is a safe sharing space that allows us to share information to best support you in your journey.

Please know that 1:1 work together requires a commitment from both of us, it's an energy exchange which does require a time and financial investment to be made, but that reflects your readiness to up-level your life and choose to access all that you can for yourself!

Mentorship programs for women are typically for a period of 12 weeks together with weekly sessions; achieving some life-changing results and transformation in the areas of health, self, relationships and business goals.

I work with you in a multi-faceted container, meaning you are able to access all of my modalities in the areas of your life that they would best serve you.

Please only apply if you are genuinely ready to begin work together.

Note: currently one-off health consultations are unavailable outside of Women's mentorship programs (children's/family wellness consults can be arranged, see children's section of the website).

I'm so glad you are here and look forward to supporting you. Katie x
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What do you feel are your greatest limits or limiting beliefs to obtaining this goal?
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Up-leveling everywhere!
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What previous help or guidance have you sought for this particular concern or goal? Tell me more about that, what worked/didn't, why do you feel that was the case? *
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