Mapua - Ruby Coast - Moutere Broadband Survey October 2015
A collective initiative for residents and businesses of the Mapua-Ruby Coast-Moutere regions to obtain better broadband/internet services
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The residents and businesses of Mapua, the Ruby Bay Coast, and Moutere need better broadband service - sooner rather than later. For some, better simply means being connected to the internet! For others it means improved speeds and improved system capacity, especially at peak times.
Who are we?
We are a small group (9) of concerned residents and businesses in Mapua, along the Ruby Bay Coast, and in Moutere who are, frankly, broadband activists for our region. We all live in the region and are part of a Working Party from the Mapua and DIstricts Business Association. John Fountain is our "scribe" and point of contact - please feel free to contact John at if you have any queries, comments or suggestions
Your name please
We'd like your First Name and Last Name rather than have you as "anonymous"- but that's up to you.
Please tell us your street address , village/town/suburb, and zip code *
Addresses will be pinned on a google map - no identifying information, just a pin at the location you provide.
Please provide an email address for keeping you up to date with our progress *
Please let us know your current type of internet service *
If you don't know the "type" of service just click "I'm not sure!"
Please provide a short description of "you" and your household/family or business *
This question is aimed at measuring how many and what types of people at your residence/business use the internet.
Does anyone in your household work remotely as an employee or contractor, or as a manager of a small business, where use of the internet from home is necessary?
Our impression is that "working remotely" and "running a business from home" are activities many of us in the region engage in, either part time or full time. But there is no real evidence of how much and what kinds.
Please tell us briefly the variety of things you currently use the internet for *
Being specific is helpful, and if you have any idea of how much time per week you and your household are simultaneously “active” in these ways please do tell us.
What sorts of internet activities are you and your household likely to do over the next few years with improved service/speed *
The idea here is to provide an indication of how much more or different sorts of things you'd explore if your service were to be improved
How many internet users in your household might be simultaneously using the internet at any given time of the day - over the next year? *
This question will help indicate the amount of demand likely to come from one household - not just the existence or not of a certain type of connection.
What sort of devices do you and your household/family/business use to access the internet *
Tick all that apply
Please provide an indication speeds you currently experience, if you have that information?
You can check download and upload speeds here:
Please let us know what current frustrations you experience using the internet . *
Please be specific rather than general
Overall satisfaction (or otherwise) with your current internet service given the price you pay ?
Think about your overall experience here, in your household, family or business . Rating scale is letter grade style A= excellent B=good C=acceptable D=Poor E=terrible
Will the current level of service meet your expectations for internet service over the next year?
Think about the overall hopes and expectations and requirements , in your household, family or business .
The question of value: how much will a change cost me and will I get value for money?
No one wants to pay more for infrastructure. But the reality is we will have to make a business case to suppliers for improved internet infrastructure, especially given the outdated capacity and equipment in our region. How much more? That depends on the bargain we can strike with suppliers. You need to ask yourself : how much does you and your family value extra better internet services? Is that better service worth an extra cup of coffee a week ($210 a year), or an extra bottle of wine a week ($1500 a year) - to you and your household/family or business. The next two questions address that problem.

For background information: VDSL service is a step above current ADSL service which many have - much better download speeds, a little better upload speeds. Fibre broadband is a significant step above VDSL with very high (eg 40mbs) upload and download speeds, and is capable of handling the kinds of intense activity a modern 2 adult household with 4 teens , plus a few Great Taste Trail visitors in guest accommodation, can throw at it.) Technology changes rapidly and in the future new technologies (eg wireless) may emerge, but the service aspect of these two technologies - fibre and VDSL - cover the feasible alternatives now.
If you had to pay more for decent VDSL service much more *
This question is specific to good VDSL service - the next question is about better quality fibre based service.
If you had to pay more for better Fibre Broadband service much more *
Same idea as the previous question about VDSL, but this time about fibre broadband. Note the response scale runes from $10 to $100 extra per month, with an option for a figure outside this range
Financing options for telecommunications infrastructure
Infrastructure costs -sometimes a lot. We're all used to paying thousands of dollars upfront for power, sewage, water, roading, stormwater infrastructure and maintenance services . Sometimes we do it and pay for it on our own, using private methods and means, at other times we use the services of local councils and pay through our monthly rates. Communications infrastructure is just like those other infrastructure investments. If you want fibre broadband to your home, for example, the costs will run in the thousands, depending on how many others near you also want it (think economies of scale in purchasing and supply). Ditto for expensive VDSL cabinets and upgrades to switching exchanges .
Financing options - any suggestions? any requests?
One way of easing the pain of a large connection fee is to spread the payments out over time. Would you be interested in financing options such as a small monthly surcharge for better internet rather than a large, once of, connection fee? Would you be prepared to commit for , e.g., 2 to 3 years to a supplier who offers such options, rather than the typical 1 year committment that is required. Do you have any suggestions as to what sort of financing/pricing options might work for you?
Anything else you'd like to tell us that might help the Mapua Ruby Bay Moutere community to get improved broadband service for our communities?
A general catch all questions - suggestions welcome! Remember - our goal is to get improved broadband access and services for those who live and work in Mapua, along Ruby Bay Coast, and the Moutere areas.
Thanks for helping us out here
This survey has the support of 4 major associations in our region: the Mapua & District Community Association , the Moutere Hills Residents Association, and the Tasman Area Community Association , the Mapua & District Business Association . The personal information we are collecting here will NEVER be willingly shared with any third party without your personal explicit consent. The Google map that is created will have no personal identifying information. From time to time you may receive emails from our contact person reporting progress to date. If at any time you want to be removed from this mailing list please contact us at
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