Reuse Rendezvous Feedback
We would like to get feedback from anyone who participated in the 2018 Reuse Rendezvous. Please use the form below to help us make next year's event even better.
What do you like best about Reuse Rendezvous?
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What worked well for you at this year's event?
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What would you like to see improved for next year?
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How did you participate in this year's event?
If you gave things away, by what time were the majority of your items gone?
If you went looking for items, when did you go?
Will you participate again next year?
How did you hear about Reuse Rendezvous?
Please tell us about the types of items you gave away this year:
Number of boxes or bags of smaller items:
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Number of mid-sized items (such as electronics, small appliances, lamps, etc):
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Number of large items (furniture, bicycles, building materials, BBQs etc):
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