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The Way Christian Youth Ministry is excited to announce it's plans to open Thursday October 1st.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are having to do several things differently including initially only accepting 50 students per day. 🙁 Student acceptance will be based upon which days students request/prioritize and date and time received.

Please see our Web Site or Facebook Page for other temporary changes made to comply with COVID in order to re-open.

We miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon.


THE WAY Christian youth ministry, is pleased to have you as a participant in the activities it offers. We are an inter-denominational, non-profit, all volunteer ministry with the goal of providing the youth of this area a safe and enjoyable place to go for recreation with an emphasis on ministering to their spiritual growth and well- being, at no cost. In order to meet these goals, we must strictly adhere to a CODE OF CONDUCT that will protect both youth and volunteers and maintain the Christian standards upon which this ministry is founded and supported. Each youth and a parent/guardian must sign this document acknowledging their agreement to abide by the stated Code of Conduct and the penalties for non-compliance. Signatures also indicate agreement to hold THE WAY blameless in the unlikely event of any accidents or injuries that may occur while the youth is in the facility or participating in an activity of THE WAY. THE WAY has required insurance. In addition, THE WAY is not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of the youth prior to, or after leaving the facility, nor any loss of personal property. We appreciate your understanding and support and ask for your prayers for God’s blessing upon this ministry and all who participate or serve in it. Telephone numbers, during Operating Hours, at The Way are 522-6441/6446. If no one answers, please leave a message or if an emergency, please call 498-1933.

I will respect myself, other people, other people’s property, and the property of THE WAY.
I will be an encourager, not one who ridicules, makes fun of, or criticizes others.
I will deal peacefully with anger and disagreements, not contribute to them.
I will participate and contribute in a positive way in all group activities and obey the instructions of the youth ministry staff.
I will show respect by paying attention, not causing disruptions, and not talking out of turn especially during devotions and prayer time.
I will show responsibility by signing the record each time I arrive at the facility, and sign out when I leave the facility.
I will use language that reflects a Christian attitude by not cursing, swearing, or using other foul or crude language.
I will maintain my witness by keeping my hands to myself; no tickling, wrestling, piggybacking, or inappropriate touching (which means not touching anyone anywhere that a bathing suit would cover!) In addition, physical displays of affection such as kissing, full body hugs, sitting on laps, lying or sleeping next to each other on the furniture or floor, or being isolated or alone with another is not allowed.
I will wear modest clothing. Shirts, shoes and pants are required. No swim suits, even with cover-ups. No clothing that is sexually suggestive, spiritually degrading, evil, vulgar, illegal, or inappropriate advertisements will be permitted. In addition, no midriffs can show, no low-cut tops, no spaghetti straps, no see-through clothing, no sagging pants (no boxers, thongs, or underwear showing). No Speedos, guys. Generally, compliance with school dress code is acceptable at The Way. I understand that if a volunteer staff member does not feel that my clothing meets these criteria that I will be required to go home and change to something that is appropriate, unless the facility has items to loan me while I am there.
I will not possess a gun, any type of knife, or any other weapon in or on the grounds of THE WAY.
I will not use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco (including Vaping), or any illegal drugs or prescription narcotics (unless prescribed to you), at this facility. In addition, I will not attempt to distribute any of the above described substances. THE WAY works in close contact with the local police agencies.
I will refrain from actions that could result in injury and/or damage to property and agree to reimburse THE WAY for any property damage resulting from my personal misconduct.
I will keep my belongings with me at all times or use The Way’s Security Procedure of placing my property in the designated areas until time to leave. Smaller expensive items and musical instruments may be given to kitchen staff to be secured. Students may not go into the kitchen unless in a cooking class.
I will respect The Way’s Volunteers/Adults at all times. If issue is not resolved, I may ask to speak with the Board member in Charge.


If a youth at THE WAY breaks a rule, any volunteer has the right to ask the student to stop the behavior. The volunteer may give a warning first but doesn’t have to do so. If the student does not quit the behavior they are given a demerit which we are calling a “strike”. The system is based on the number of “strikes” the student gets in one day. If he/she receives 3 in one day they are asked to go home for the rest of the day, and the next day if the 3rd “strike” is given late in that day.

---"Students receiving 10 strikes, during the school year, will be sent home for one week for each 10 strikes. Should a student receive 3 strikes in one day and be sent home, it will not be counted in the 10 strikes nor will count restart. This begins retroactively to January 28th 2020.

---"Students who are sent home 3 times during the school year will be suspended for 2 full months from the date of suspension. Students, accompanied by parents, will be able to apply for reinstatement at the board meeting in month following the month in which student was suspended. Example: Student is sent home for 3rd time (therefore suspended) on March 15th can apply for reinstatement at board meeting in April. If board approves reinstatement, student can return on May 15th.

Eighteen-year-old participants who are suspended will not be permitted to return to The Way.

The first time a student is sent home, calling the parents is recommended, but optional.

The second time a student is sent home, parents must be called to discuss misbehavior and to alert them that the 3rd time will result in suspension.

The third time a student is sent home, parents are informed of suspension and are invited to attend the next scheduled Board Meeting to discuss how they will work with us to improve the student’s behavior should suspension be lifted.

Documentation of all “strikes” is kept on file at The Way so that accurate counts and causes are on record.

The number of “strikes” or demerits given for any infraction will depend on the severity of the action ranging from one to three with three being the most serious. Three “strikes” would be given for such things as fighting, being confrontational with volunteers, stealing, etc.

Note: The above Code of Conduct is during "normal times (not Covid-19). During Covid-19, students who chose not to behave as requested may be asked to leave indefinitely until "Normal" times Resume. The Way will have a long waiting list during Covid-19 and want to provide attendance for those who respect and appreciate it the most.

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Do you give permission for The Way and persons acting through them, the right to use, reproduce, assign and/or distribute photographs, films, videotapes, and sound recordings of myself or my minor student without compensation, for use in promotion/advertising, educational publications, electronic publishing (websites), and personal memorabilia? Student’s name may be published. *
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