Sweet Treats Ice Cream Company
Our Hiring Requirements:

We expect our team members to be courteous and friendly - every customer gets a smile and a welcome. We want our customers to feel great about their visit and our serving team is a huge part of making that happen. We expect team members to treat everyone, especially your serving teammates, with professionalism and respect. We want team members to have fun at work, but at the same time, expect you to behave - we tolerate no horseplay and no harassment of any kind directed towards customers, other teammates or anyone else you come in contact with.

As much as we'd love to allow everyone flexibility to work whenever is most convenient for them, the reality of our business is that most of our customer traffic occurs in the evenings and on the weekends, especially weekend nights. So those are the important times when we need you to be available to work so that our customers get the great service that they expect.

We will be as flexible as possible. In return, we ask that you be flexible in understanding that if the weather is cold or rainy, we may need to cancel some shifts. A job requirement is that you will be able to work 5-9:30 PM most weekday evenings and weekends during the summer. When school is on, school comes first.
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Include the following information for the last 2 years of employment: Name and Address of the Company. Dates that you worked, beginning date and ending date. Describe the work you did. What was your hourly wage? Reason for leaving the job. Name of your Supervisor. Enter None if this is your first job. That's no problem we like people who are just starting to work a real job.
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Sweet Treats is open daily 6-9 May 1 - September 30. Additional hours: events are scheduled during the weekend. (Remember each weekday shift will be approximately 4.5 hours)
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Hobbies/Talents that you could use to contribute to the Ice Cream business; such as face painting, artist, cake decorating, baking, or cleaning wizard ie, neat freak. List anything you can think of that would contribute to a fun and successful summer at Sweet Treats. *
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What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you have any new flavor idea?
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I certify that all of the statements made by me on this application for employment are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. *
I understand that false statements on this application may be cause for dismissal without notice. *
I agree that all former employers may furnish Sweet Treats with information regarding record of my service, character, and reason for leaving. I release all former employers from all liability for providing such information. *
Final Question: Why do you want to work at Sweet Treats? *
What do you aspire to be or do someday? How does this job help you reach that goal? Working in an ice cream shop can be a lot of fun, but it's a lot of hard work too. The customers can be demanding, it gets hot, there's a lot of pressure, you have to work when other people your age are out having fun, and you have to be willing to pick up trash, clean the shop area, floors, etc. Do you think you can handle it? ( you can write a few sentences to tell us why you feel you'll enjoy being a part of our team - we base a lot of our decision on how you answer this question)
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