Certified Consultant ISCB Registration              
Dear ISCB certified or recertified consultant,
Before you begin to fill out your registration, please:
1. Make any required payments to those who participated in your review.
2. Pay your registration fee to ISCB.
3. Send a photo of yourself to admin@iscb.earth. This is not required if you are recertifying and want to keep your current photo. Specifications: headshot photo against a plain background. File size of 80-100 Kb is good enough Maximum file size 200Kb.
4. Write a 50-word bio for the Google map. You can do this in 2 languages if you wish.
5. write a 200-word bio for the website. You can do this in 2 languages if you wish. (if you leave this blank we will use your 50-word bio)
6. Know what sociocratic organizations you are a member of.
7. Know links you want to share (Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
8. Know the day your certification took place, the names of who was there and who of those is already ISCB certified as a consultant.

If you are recertifying, fill ou all the information even there is no change. For the bios enter "no change" or a revised bio.
If you are recertifying, know the expiratron date on your current certificate. (A new certifiacte will be sent to you).

ISCB will use geographic information to place you on the Google map but will not use your actual home address. We will ask for your consent in this registration.

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50-word bio for the Google map *
50-word bio - second language
200-word bio for the website
200-word bio - second language
If you are a member of sociocratic organizations, name them here.
If you want a website linked to your description, name it here
If you want a Facebook page linked to your description, put the link here
If you want a LinkedIn site linked to your description, put the link here
If you want a Twitter account linked to your description, name it here
Do you consent to have the following information about you made public on the ISCB website and map: Name, photo, email address, geographic location, the 50 and 200-word descriptions, and the links you identified? If you do not consent to any of these that is OK. Just tell us why so we understand. *
If you do not give consent to sharing one or more of these items of information, please give a detailed description of what can and cannot be published, and any explanation that helps us understand your decision.
Formal Date of your Certificaton expiration (If this is your first certification, the date is 3 years from the date of certification approval. If this is a recertification, this is 3 years later than the expiraton date on your certificate regardless of the date of your recertificaton. If you do not know the answer leave blank. ) *
Actual Date of your Consultant Certification/Recertification review *
Who was present? *
Who is the ISCB Certified Consultant present at your review who is sponsoring your application for certification? *
Have you completed all required payments to anyone present in your certification review? *
Have you completed the required payments to ISCB? *
Which Agency is certifying the consultant? *
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