Autistic People of Color Fund – EMERGENCY APPLICATION
Please ONLY use this version of the application if you are currently in crisis and your ask is for an emergency.

If you're looking for the full application, it's here:

It should take about 25 minutes on average to complete the application using this web form. There are 19 total questions beginning on the next page. Almost all of them are required.

*** We will do our best to respond to all crisis requests for funding within 3 days. It is our goal to minimize gatekeeping as much as possible, unlike conventional grant-making and funding processes. ***

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(1) Name *
This is the name that we should call you, even if your government or legal name is something different.
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(2) Legal Name *
We need this in case you need funds sent by check or electronic transfer, to an account with your legal name on it. We promise not to share it.
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(3) How should we contact you? *
Choose all that you are OK with.
(4) What is your phone number, instant messenger platform and username, or other contact? *
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(5) Are there specific times or days we SHOULD or SHOULD NOT contact you? *
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(6) Are you autistic? *
If you know you are autistic, but haven't received a professional/medical diagnosis, you still count. (Note that if you have a diagnosis, and you're wondering if it counts, there have been changes in labels -- if your diagnosis was "classic autism," "infantile autism," "Kanner's autism," "Asperger disorder," "pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified," you definitely count. Some people whose diagnoses are "Rhett syndrome," "childhood disintegrative disorder," or "nonverbal learning disorder" may also be considered/consider themselves autistic too.)
(7) Are you a person of color? *
If you are white or have called yourself "Caucasian," you are not a person of color.
(8) If you said you weren't sure to either of the above questions, please explain more about your situation.
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(9) How much money are you requesting? *
This amount should be between $100 and $500.
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(10) What type of funding request is this? *
(11) What do you plan to use the funds for, more specifically? *
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(12) What other support, if any, can you access related to this specific need right now? *
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(13) Have you ever received any other funds, grants, or scholarships in the past related to this area? If so, how much money did you receive? *
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(14) If you receive funds from us, would we have permission to use your name online publicly? *
(15) If you receive funds from us, would we have permission to publicly share what the funds are for? *
We will need to share the category with the American Association of People with Disabilities staff, but we can do this without your name and without any other details.
(16) How would you describe your race and ethnicity? *
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(17) Would any of the following describe you? *
You don't need to share if you prefer not to!
(18) Where do you live? *
Please provide city/town, province/state, country
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(19) Would you like to share anything else about yourself?
You can share more about your identities (marginalized or privileged), your current crisis, or anything else you'd like to share.
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