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thank you for taking the time to complete this short questionnaire that will contribute to improving my HSC major work in Society and Culture.
what is your gender? *
what age group do you belong to?
do you have a tattoo?
what is your opinion of those with tattoos?
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do you associate tattoos with a certain type of person?
when do you believe the line is crossed between self expression through tattoos and self mutilation?
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what are your religious beliefs?
what is your occupation?
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in your opinion are cultural appropriate tattoos acceptable or better then non cultural tattoos?
do you know someone with a tattoo, and has your opinion of them changed due to this?
if you have tattoos, how many and what are they?
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if you were an employer, would you hire someone with tattoos?
how do you think modern society views tattoos? Explain your answer.
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what reason would/did you get a tattoo?
do you feel like there is a negative stigma towards tattoo culture and those with tattoos? explain your answer.
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what characteristics do you associate with a tattooed individual?
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Other thoughts or comments on tattoos
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