The Center for Unity Volunteer Skills Survey

If you are reading this, it is because you felt the inner calling to join The Center for Unity (CFU) volunteer team.

We are grateful in advance.

The CFU is working on very long-term projects. We are laying the foundations for a millennium (1,000 years) project that will serve along side the Celestials.

We are welcoming new team members in the following disciplines:
  * Jesus and UB expertise  
  *  Architecture and Interior Design
  *  Venue (public space/museum) design
  *  Content production - secondary works and Jesus-related materials
  *  Video and Cinematography production
  *  Acting and Directing
  *  Screenwriting
  *  Art and Graphics Design
  *  Augmented reality, Virtual reality and Virtual-world productions
  *  Software: Web and mobile programming
  *  Software: wordpress site programming
  *  Software: UI/UX design
  *  Web3 and Crypto: NFTs, DAOs, smart contracts, DeFi
  *  Original music composition
  *  Sound Production and Editing
  *  Translation and Localization
  *  Social media and Outreach
  *  Sales & Marketing
  * Accounting, business administration

The next few questions will help us learn more about what you love doing and are best at.

The last question is open for your comments. Feel free to make any suggestions you'd like - we will read everything!

With gratitude for your time and dedication,

The CFU Executive Team
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