Group Reservation For Encounter 2019- July 7 - 12, 2019
Interested parishes/groups should submit the ‘Group Reservation’ as soon as possible- you will be invoiced within 7 - 10 days of submitting this form, with a request for a non-refundable deposit of $100 per person expected upon receipt of the invoice

Group sizes are normally 12 - 20 participants, and limited to a maximum of 40 participants. Camp limit is 350 total participants. Wait lists will be created if numbers exceed this total.

• 6:1 Youth to Adult Ratio is required. Young Adult (18-20 yr old) do not count as adults or youth, but must be pre-approved and fulfill certain expectations. See website for more details; YA’s should plan to attend from July 6 – 12, 2019 (YA’s only on Saturday Night).
• Every participant (youth, adult, YA) will be required to complete an application, medical form and/or other permission release forms.
o Online individual registration will begin as soon as your group reservation and deposit has been accepted- you will be notified by email when your group can register.
o The individual registration forms must be printed, signed and sent to us to guarantee a spot at Encounter;
• EVERY adult (21 yrs by June 1) and young adult (YA) leader (18 yrs by July 7) must have completed their Archdiocesan Child Protection Requirements. Any young adult who does not have this done will not be able to participate in EGL.
• ALL adult, young adult and youth who are attending Encounter must be completely appropriate for this activity. Any concerns should be addressed before registration takes place. Please refer to website for expected behaviors.
• The final cost per person will be invoiced according to the number of individual registration forms received by June 1; late fees will apply to individual registration forms submitted after June 1 ($50 per)
• Payment in full is due June 30. Early registrations will be invoiced at the discount rate(see below)
• Many parishes set their own fees, based upon scholarships, chaperones, transportation or other needs.
• Parishes are required to participate in some manner of the Encounter program – including but not limited to lunch donations, prayer planning, music, drama, environment, etc.

Parishes CANNOT INCREASE their numbers without prior approval from Encounter. IF a group does not have the minimum number of adults to match their youth count - they WILL have to forfeit youth spots.

ALL ADULTS will be required to participate in a formation session prior to participating (this includes veteran and new adult participants)

Binding agreement:
Individual registration forms submitted upon acceptance of the group application are considered binding reservations; once an individual registration form is approved by Encounter, parish/groups are obligated to pay for that spot; if a cancellation occurs prior to June 1, a substitute participant may fill that spot, or the deposit is forfeited. After June 1, if no substitute is made, position is subject to payment in full, with discretionary consideration.

Non-affiliated participants:
Individuals who are not coming with a group or parish should contact us directly for more information.There is no guarantee of space for individuals without a group affiliation.

For more information: website or director Ann Gradowski at

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14- 17 yrs of age; 6 youth per adult attending fulltime; it is better to over-guess than under-guess.
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18 - 20 yrs of age; YA do not count against the youth to adult ratio; YAs must be pre-approved before attending limited to max 6 from any one group
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I understand that this is just a GROUP reservation for the total number of expected participants and we will be invoiced at $100 per person reserved. Actual participant spots are not fully guaranteed until individual registration forms are printed, signed and sent to Encounter. Any deposit paid will be balanced against the total number of participants actually registered for final balance due. I also agree NOT to exceed my expected number without prior approval from Encounter.
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