Maverick Pet Transportation, Inc.
A non profit organization EIN # 46-4618723

Transportation request

A suggested donation (to cover fuel) will be determined by calculating the mileage from our home office to the pick up(s), then to the drop off(s) and will end back at our home office in Salisbury, NC.
Please note: If there are multiple animals from one sender under one health certificate, going to the same destination,we will require only 1 transport request be made. However, if there are multiple animals and multiple pick ups from one sender and they are going to separate destinations(only if we are dropping them off at multiple destinations),then we will require you to fill out additional transport requests per pick up or destination. There will be a $25.00, suggested donation, for each additional request. We will do our best to have all the animals meet at one pick up or drop off site.

In the event that MPT can not accommodate you prior to transport, we will refund the donation in a timely manner.

Donations can be made by check and mailed to us or by paypal at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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What we require
Please fill out this form completely. Our #1 priority is the safe transport of your pet. Rest assured that we will do our best to accommodate you in any way we can.

Maverick Pet Transportation,Inc.
A 501c3 nonprofit organization
EIN# 46-4618723

Maverick Pet Transportation,Inc,is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that operates on donations. We strive to be the most professional transport in rescue today.

We provide transport from rescues and fosters to the pets adopter and rescue to rescue. We also will transport rescue supplies where needed. We will also assist in re-homing a pet that has been displaced by a family by unforeseen circumstances. We do not pick up from some shelters directly. However, we will pick up from those shelters that meet our guidelines.

We ask that you read over these guidelines and requirements. These are not just our protocols, but some are also Federal regulations and are required by law. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us at 704-202-1203 or at or at

Puppies must be 8 to 10 weeks old at time of transport.

Unless the shelter is one that we are familiar with and meets our guidelines, Sheltered pets must be out of a shelter and quarantined with a foster or in boarding, either private or at a veterinarian,at least 7 to 10 days prior to transport.

All pets will require a valid health certificate ( there are some exceptions to this requirement), prior to transport, issued by a licensed veterinarian,it must be issued no earlier than 10 days from the beginning of transport and must be valid the entire transport. We suggest that you get the health certificate a few days before transport. The rescues name and address will be needed in the consignor(shipper) area on the form. The adopters or rescues name and address will be needed in the Consignee(receiver/adopter) area of the form. DO NOT USE THE FOSTERS NAME AND ADDRESS, AS THEY ARE NOT THE OWNER OF THE ANIMAL.

Copies of all health records must travel with the pet during transport. Copies of all health records will be faxed or emailed to our office at 704-279-7179 or no later than two days prior to transport.

We do not transport from breeders or puppy mills

Maverick Pet Transportation reserves the right to refuse any pet to be transported at time of pick up.

We ask that the pet not be fed or watered at least 4 hours prior to transport. Food and water will be provided for the pet during transport.

There may come a time during transport where a situation arises or if an animal(s) becomes ill, that we we may need to cancel transport for that animal(s). It will be the responsibility of the sending/receiving parties to take care of any costs associated with the cancellation of transport for that animal(s), including boarding. MPT will not be held responsible for any costs for medical illness incurred during transport. If payment is not received at the vet at the time of services, MPT will have no choice to leave the animal and continue on with our scheduled run.

I understand that failure to disclose any and all medical issues may result in your animal not being transported.

In the event that an animal becomes separated from transport, MPT will make every effort in its control to return the animal to transport. the necessary authorities will be notified by MPT in the event the animal can not be found.

All animals MUST travel with a form of ID tag. We have found what works best is a medical bracelet with our information on it. But, any type will work.

All ORIGINAL paperwork, including any contracts or agreements, must accompany the animal(s) during transport. We suggest that in the case of multiple animals from one litter, traveling together, that their paperwork be separated and a file for each animal will be needed.

In the event that the transport becomes delayed by weather, road conditions, an ill animal or any other event out of our control, MPT will continue the transport as soon as it is safe to do so. All parties involved in the transport will be notified of a change in our status.

In the event that an animal becomes ill during transport or seeks medical attention, MPT will take the animal to the nearest treatment facility. You will be notified by MPT as to the status of your animal asap. It is not MPT responsibility to cover costs involved with treating the animal. If any outstanding costs remain at time of treatment, the animal will be left at the treating facility until the costs are paid in full. If the animal is left at the treatment facility, the sending/receiving parties are responsible for any costs incurred, including boarding.

In the rare occasion that an animal is attacked by a fellow passenger, MPT will not be held monetarily liable for any costs incurred.

In the event that transport for your animal is cancelled in route, or a receiver is not obtainable, MPT will make every effort to get the animal to a foster or into boarding. It will be up to the sender to be responsible for any and all boarding costs incurred. if no resolution can be made, MPT will have no choice but to turn the animal over to animal control.

Spay and Neuter

As part of our effort to keep the overpopulation of animals down and the health of your pet long lasting, we ask that you spay/neuter your pet prior to transport.

Surgery must be AT LEAST 7 DAYS OR MORE prior to transport. Stitches must be removed before transport for the comfort and safety of the animal.

Ideally, the spay/neuter procedure should be done at 6 months of age or later preferably within their first year for most breeds and up to 18 months with breeds such is German shepherd.

Unaltered animals under 6 months of age, can be transported, but only at the sole discretion of Maverick Pet Transportation, inc. Contact us for information regarding this situation.

DA2PPv aka DHPPv aka “5 in 1 Shot” (Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus Vaccine (MLV)

Also accepted and is required in Maine: DA2PPvL aka “7 in 1 Shot”(Includes the Leptospira Bacterin Vaccine)

A minimum of 2 series of Shots are REQUIRED if under 6 Months
Vaccinations should start at 4-6 weeks of age. A good protocol to follow is 6,8,12 and 16 weeks old.The last shot needs to be no less than 2 days prior to transport.

Only 1 Shot is REQUIRED for Adults annually

Bordetella (Kennel cough vaccine) Must be given within the last 5 months and no less than 7 days prior to transport

Rabies are required for all animals 3 Months or Older. Tag and documentation must be with the pet during transport

Negative for heartworms must have NEG test result for 6 months or older

Negative Fecal NEG NPS results for worms,Coccidia, Giardia

Flea and Tick Preventative all animals must be flea and tick free and have a long lasting preventative administered prior to transport

Requirements Electronic Signature *
By signing your name you agree to and understand the requirements as stated above
Pick up Information
Please provide us with as much information as you can. If we are picking the animal up from a boarding facility or Veterinarian, please provide the name of the facility and contacts name. If this is a business, we will need to schedule a pick up time during business hours.
Give us an idea of where we are picking up the pet *
Name of person making request *
Pick up contacts name and/or boarding facility/veterinarians name *
If we are picking up the animal at a boarding facility or veterinarian,Please provide the name of the facility we are to pick the animal up at and a contact name.
Pick up Contacts best phone # *
This is the number for the contact at the pick up.
Pick up address street and number *
This is the physical address where we are picking the animal up.
Pick up City *
Pick up State *
Please use two letter abbreviation
Pick up zip code *
Pick up contacts Email Address *
This is the email address of the contact at the pick up
Alternate Phone number *
Destination/drop off information
Please provide the Rescues,fosters,adopters or boarding facility or veterinarians name. If this is a business, we will need to schedule a drop off time during business hours.
Destination Contact Information *
Give us an idea as to where your pet is going
Destination Contact Name and or Boarding facility/Veterinarians name *
If this is a boarding facility or veterinarian, please provide the name of the facility and a contact name
Destination Address *
Physical address of where the animal is being dropped off
Destination City *
Destination State *
please use two letter abbreviation
Destination Zip code *
Contact at destinations phone # *
Contact at destinations alternate phone# *
Contact at destinations Email Address *
Let us know the time frame we are trying to move the pet *
Passenger Information
Please give as much information as you can
Number of Animals *
Name of the Animal(s) *
If Multiple animals, sperate by commas
Brred of the Animal(s) *
Color of the Animal(s) *
If more then one, separate by commas
Sex of the Animal(s) *
Approx Age of animal(s) *
Spayed or Neutered *
Weight (Approx) *
Date quarantine Started *
date it has or will start
Flea Prevention Program *
List current Medical conditions *
Heartworms,respiratory,seizures, etc.
List any Medications *
list any medications taken within the past 30 days
Ok with other animals? *
Crate trained *
Any additional information we may need *
if none, mark n/a
Date filled out *
Completed App Electronic Signature *
Your signature signifies that you have completed this form to the best of your knowledge and that you will not hold MPT responsible for any misinformation given. Your signature also signifies that you have read and understand all information contained in this form. Thank you for choosing Maverick Pet Transportation, we look forward to delivering your pet safely and comfortably.
Facebook ID
Last but not least, send me a friend request on facebook so that we may communicate easily during the transport of your pet. We will post pictures of your pets transport so you can follow along!!!
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