Nomination for Board 2018-2020 Application
Are you interested in strengthening your communication and leadership skills, and seeing your gifts and talents turned into projects? If so, MSBCA has an incredible opportunity for you. Currently, we have room for 3 more general committee members to join our 2018-2020 board of directors. This is a voluntary 2-year term where you would be a part of our monthly general committee meeting. With the approval of the board, you may be able to take on various projects in relation to education, culture, public relations, hobby, arts, drama/play or teach hands-on skills in the knowledge of your field.

Volunteering is not only good for our community; it is also a good for one’s personal enhancement or career. The people you can meet, the skills you can acquire, and the experience you can build up through this volunteering position can be invaluable.

If this sounds like a great fit for you, then we welcome you to apply TODAY!
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