Communicating During a Pandemic Part 1: In the Workplace Environment
The Grad Networking Series is part of WiSTAR3's mentoring program, which is a program designed to provide graduate students STEM opportunities to gain practical knowledge and insight from STEM professionals. The program is open to ALL graduate students and professionals (faculty, post-doc, industry, etc.).

This Grad Networking Series event will be on Communicating in the Workplace Effectively During a Pandemic.

A panel of WiSTAR3 Mentors will help lead a virtual session for Graduate Students addressing:
-Virtual Communication with your advisor, collaborators, and co-workers
-Zoom/Video Call Advice
-Emailing Advice
-Current Questions/Concerns from Graduate Students (i.e. no email response, too little/many virtual meetings, etc.)

In this session, we won’t be able to cover everything but it will be driven by interests of the participants, so please come and bring interested fellow graduate students!

When: Thursday, October 29th at 4:30 PM
Where: Zoom Link will be emailed once you sign-up

Note: You do not have to be part of the mentoring program to attend event.

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