Shor's Algorithm Watch Party by QCI - RSVP
What? Shor's Algorithm Watch Party

What does that mean ? We've been learning about Quantum Cryptography the entire month of August and now we are on to CoCreation. (

What is CoCreation? It's a process through which a community learns. Hackathon / HackSeries sounds very brittle as a hack is never a sustainable solution.

Who can attend ? Anyone interested in contributing to #BreakRSA project. We start with understanding the Shor's algorithm then do a comparative study of its implementations across platforms then find ways to optimise the parameters under our control.

When? 10 - 11 PM IST on Zoom - 8 & 9 September - 2020

1) 10 -11 PM - 1 hour of the video by Qiskit Qummer School
2) 11 - 11:15 PM - Note Comparison

Come with popcorn & your fav note taking tool!
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