Claxton Student Educational Leave Request
It is important for families to contact the school in the event of an absence.  

Excused educational opportunities must be pre-approved by the principal and classroom teacher and require additional information in the section below.

This form must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. Please read policy and directions carefully at the end of this form.
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The ACS Attendance Policy states:
The school calendar contains 177 student days. Regular school attendance increases the amount of academic progress students can make so it is critical that students attend school each day. Students who miss more than 18 days of school during the same school year may not be eligible for promotion to the next grade level unless the Appeals Process is followed (please refer to ACS Board Policy 4400 & 4400-P).

Students who miss school must bring a note explaining the reason for their absence on the first day they return to school. Absences which are NOT followed by a note will automatically be coded as unexcused/unlawful. Please schedule trips, appointments, and other activities in order not to interfere with your child’s school attendance. For your convenience, an Asheville City Schools Calendar is posted on the Claxton Web Page.

In order for a student’s absence to be considered for approval as an excused educational absence, the parent must submit in writing, to the principal, two weeks prior to the absence, the specifics of the absence and its educational impact.  Educational activities will need to be tied to the NC Standard Course of Study for the appropriate grade level (found at The principal will then notify the parent/guardian whether or not the absence can be excused as an educational absence.

In the next section, you will be asked to give details of your trip as they align to the NC State Content Standards.

Please clearly describe activities of the trip that align to specific grade level content standards. Email this document to at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the student's absence. Sometimes the principal does not excuse all days of a trip.

Also to note:
*Our School Social Worker, Mrs. Abigail Owolabi, will send letters to families with students that have 3, 6, and then 10 unexcused absences.   This process is in place in order to make sure parents know that their child has unexcused absences on file. You might also receive a phone call from Mrs. Owolabi.  This process is in place because sometimes we do not know the reason behind why students might be accumulating unexcused absences.

If you are planning to ask for excused educational absences for your student, please be mindful of other unexcused absences that we have on file.  
I read and agree with the ACS attendance policy. I have also read the note from Claxton administration regarding possible parent communication from the School Social Worker for unexcused absences. *
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