FABRICADEMY 2018, Enroll as a student!
Fabricademy is an interdisciplinary course that merges technology, soft fabrication and biology.

Starting Date: 25 September 2018, to all over the world
After registration you will be contacted by our staff.

Reserve today, there is a limited number of places!


1. After you fill this form, the lab/node you selected will review your profile and inform you about the results of the selection.
2. If the lab/node approves your application, you will agree the terms of your participation with the Node staff
3. You must secure 50% of the Fabricademy fees before the program starts in mid-September, in one or 2 payments to your local Node.


1. Tuition for the year 2018-19 is 5000euros + VAT that are directly paid to the node of your choice. The tuition fee includes all the materials needed for the 14 assignments and the use of the Fab Lab space and machinery for the 6 months enrollment.

If you have any further questions please refer to: coordination@textile-academy.org

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