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You're interested in doing The Flying Blind Sketch Show? AWESOME!!



Flying Blind is a sketch show where the actors don't see their scripts until the moment they're on stage. Every show is rehearsal one and opening night! Even the audience isn't safe and could be directed to scream, stomp, cheer, boo, or even be part of the show! Sketch and improv had a fugly baby and it's The Flying Blind Sketch Show.

Please fill out this form and I'll add you to the list.

**If you filled this form out and were NOT selected for an upcoming show, please do NOT fill it out again. There will be more shows and the info you provided is saved for future ones.


Joe Leonardo
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One last thing. Do you mind sending me something you were in or wrote? It can be anything.. If you're an actor I just want to see who you are so I know how to cast you and if you're a writer I want to see your work. Actors, if you don't have anything online just link a headshot. Writers, if you don't have a filmed sketch you can link to a PDF of a script (please don't paste a sketch in here). If you're on, or were on, a UCB house team or BoogieManja you can just mention that. *
If I know you just write, "fuck off Joe, you know me".
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EXTRA CREDIT: Which Paul McCartney song is inspired by his love of Marvel Comics?
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