Society Awards Application - BEC EOYC
For this year's End of Year Ceremony, the Benton Engineering Council would like to award those BEC societies who have gone above and beyond in their involvement on campus and in the community. The various awards being considered are listed below. If you would like to recommend your society for one of the awards listed, please fill out this Google form below. If you would like to apply for multiple awards, please submit a different application for each award. Applications close Monday April 9th at 11:59 PM. Societies will be informed if they won by Tuesday April 10th. Please feel free to email Parth Patel (BEC Secretary) at if you have any questions. Good luck to you all!

Society Awards
- Most Outstanding Small Society (0-25 active members)
- Most Outstanding Medium Society (25-50 members)
- Most Outstanding Large Society (50+ members)
- Most Outstanding New Society (joined BEC in Summer 2017, Fall 2017, or Spring 2018)

Event/Program Awards:
- Best Newsletter (please email with two newsletters to be considered for this award)
- Best Website
- Best Society Outreach/Service Event
- Best Society Professional Event
- Best Society Social Event
- Best Society Academic Event
- Largest Number of New/Active Members
- Most Active Society (local, national events, people in organization)

Individual Awards:
-Most Involved in BEC (for the BEC Reps)
-Best Treasurer
-Best Organization President

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