TRAA Beginner String Camp 2019 (June 10 - 14)
Thomasville Road Academy of the Arts offers a string camp in summer 2019 for beginning string players (violin, viola, cello, bass). This camp is ideal for students with no experience in string instruments or students with one to two years of string study, who are still working on music reading proficiency. All students are responsible to bring their own instrument and folding stand. Contact the Director for advice on instrument rentals. Enrolled students will focus on string basics, music reading, and beginning string orchestra experience. A typical day will include a brief Bible study on the topic of music and worship, beginning instruction in strings, music reading activities and games, and an orchestra rehearsal. A concert will be given on Friday at 11 am for parents and family to attend, showcasing the string orchestra and chamber groups.
Ages: 6-14 year olds
Time: 9 am to 12 pm
Location: Thomasville Road Baptist Church
Camp cost: $75 per child; $65 per sibling
Payment due on first day of camp.
For questions regarding camp curriculum or student readiness, contact camp director Joanna Pepple at
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By registering my child as a string camp participant, I understand my child may be photographed or videotaped during normal programs and activities. These photos/videos may be used in promotional materials, on social media posts, or in the T.R.B.C. or T.R.A.A. website. I hereby grant permission for such photographs/videos to be taken and used at the discretion of the Thomasville Road Academy of the Arts. If there are extenuating circumstances or legal matters which prohibit my child from being photographed or videotaped, I understand I must notify the camp director, Joanna Pepple, in writing at least 24 hours before this event begins. [Please type parent's full name as electronic signature.] *
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Due to logistical needs and the extensive planning that takes place prior to the first day of camp, we ask that students who register commit to attend. This allows for hiring other professionals and ordering appropriate music before the camp begins. By registering my child, I realize that I am making a commitment for my child to attend the TRAA String Camp. If you register and have the need to withdraw, you will be responsible for 50% of the tuition. By entering my name below (electronic signature), I am agreeing to this contract. *
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