"Support Your Club" Online Games Survey
For North Orlando Bridge Center players and friends
What is your Name?
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Do you currently play on Bridge Base Online (BBO)?
If "Yes" to above, what is your BBO user id?
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Is it okay for us to publish your BBO Id on our website Member list?
If "No" to above, do you need assistance registering for BBO?
How many times a week would you be willing to play?
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What days would you prefer to play online? Check all that apply.
What time of day would you prefer? Check all that apply.
How long would you prefer play in one game?
If under a certain number of master points, would you prefer to play in an open game or a limited game?
Do you have an ACBL number?
If "Yes" to above, what is your number?
Your answer
If "No" to above, would you be willing to join ACBL via our club for $39 for one year membership?
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