Take 5 to Save Lives New Partner Form
1. By completing this form, your organization agrees to support and promote the Take 5 to Save Lives Campaign on or before World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) using the provided promotional tools.

2. Partners will receive a welcome email with a link to the toolkit where partners can access the promotional materials. The Take 5 Toolkit includes campaign promotional materials that can then easily be uploaded or shared to your organization's website or social media.

3. By signing up to partner with Take 5 you agree to receive emails from the Take 5 Campaign. Your email address will never be shared with any entity outside of the Take 5 campaign for any reason.

Thank you for taking the time to support the Take 5 to Save Lives campaign and for your commitment to preventing suicide!
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By selecting, "I agree," you agree to let the Take 5 Campaign publicly list your website or resource on www.take5tosavelives.org. By selecting "I agree" you also acknowledge that the Take 5 to Save Lives Campaign reserves the right to post or refuse to post any website deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for publication on www.take5tosavelives.org. The refusal to post or the need to withdraw any website on or from www.take5tosavelives.org is at the sole discretion of the Take 5 to Save Lives campaign and may be carried out without any notification or written warning to you. Should you decide to have your website withdrawn from the website, please send an email to jowens@save.org with your request. Your request shall be carried out within 10 business days. *
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