Heart to Heart 2019 Hosting Application
2019 Hosting Dates: Sunday July 21st - Thursday July 25th

Being a Heart to Heart host is a wonderful experience for both participants and hosts alike! From hosting you can expect to get to know our Heart to Heart participants in a more personal and meaningful way. Besides providing a safe and comfortable place to sleep while in Toronto, we expect our hosts to transport participants to and from the specified drop-off locations each day. As well, hosts provide a breakfast and a packed lunch to participants every day while in Toronto, and dinner on two to three free-evenings. Finally, we ask that hosts make an effort to provide an enjoyable experience for our participants on free evenings. This might include a trip into the city to do some site-seeing and activities together, or it might mean going out for dinner! Our participants greatly appreciate this time spent together and the opportunity to explore the local culture. While not required, we also hope that you will choose to stay in touch after the program ends to continue connecting with the participants you host.

If selected, hosts will be asked to attend a training session prior to camp where you will have the opportunity to meet other hosts, learn more about what happens at camp, and learn how to support your participants through the final stage of the program.
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If selected, you will be hosting at minimum two participants. Sometimes we may need to place 3 or 4 participants together. Please indicate your hosting capacity below.
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Hosts will host either boys or girls, but not both
Hosting Chaperones
The Heart to Heart group is accompanied by two adult chaperones from Israel. They will also need a place to stay in Toronto. Please indicate if you would be interested in hosting our adult staff. They are both female.
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Part of the expectations of hosts are to transport the participants to drop off locations in the mornings and pick them up at the end of the day's programming. Please indicate below how you plan to accomplish this responsibility.
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