Chromebook/Laptop Loan Scheme
Dear Parents,
At this unprecedented time, we want to do everything we possibly can to make sure our learners can continue with their learning and some normality and structure to their days.

Therefore, I am offering children the opportunity to loan a device if THEY DO NOT HAVE AN EXISTING LAPTOP, IPAD or DEVICE which they can use for electronic home-learning activities.

Anyone wishing to borrow one of our devices must read and agree to all of the terms and conditions below.

Parent/Guardian/Carer Agreement

This loan is subject to review on a regular basis, and can be withdrawn at any time.

 The equipment provided remains the property of St Julian's Primary School and is for the sole use of supporting learning at home - not for playing games. Devices are remotely monitored and we have the ability to remotely lock the device if it is misused.

 I understand that this equipment is only to be used by children of St. Julian's Primary School, not other members of the family.

 I will make sure that I supervise my child whilst they are using the device and will ensure that they do not access any inappropriate material or websites

 I understand that the school can remotely monitor the device and will lock it if inappropriate material is accessed or the device is misused.

 I understand that whilst using the device on a home Wifi, the school's usual content filtering systems will not fully be in place. Google Safe-search will remain active.

 I will ensure that the device and the charger is returned to St. Julian's Primary School when it is officially reopened following the closure on Friday 20th March 2020. The device will need to be signed in and checked by a member of staff. I understand that if I do not return the device and charger, I will be charged £170 via ParentPay to replace the device.

 If my child uses the device to communicate or collaborate with other school children, all communications will be sensible, appropriate and school-related. Should any bad language or nasty comments be flagged up to us, we will lock down your child's account and device.

I agree to ensure that:
 My child treats the equipment with appropriate care and the Chromebook is maintained in good condition.
 The equipment is not left unattended without being stored securely and safely.
 Users do not have food and drink anywhere near the device.
 I understand and agree that the school will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss in the event of the
Chromebook malfunctioning. I will not leave the device unattended whilst charging.
 I agree that school will monitor internet access and will be used to log and report any inappropriate access.
 Should any faults occur, I agree that I will notify the school via email as soon as possible.
 I under no circumstances will I, or anyone other than school ICT staff, attempt to fix suspected hardware or software faults.
 I agree and understand that the school will not accept responsibility for offering technical support relating to home Internet connectivity.
 I agree that any telephone and/or broadband charges incurred by any user accessing the internet from any site
other than school premises are not chargeable to the school.
 I will ensure that any internet access using the Chromebook at home is for an appropriate educational purposes only.
 I confirm that I agree to adhere to current school policies regarding the following: Acceptable use, Data protection, Computer misuse and Health and safety.
Both myself and my child have read and agree to the above terms and conditions *
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